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Microsoft Partner Network

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is comprised of over 430,000 organizations with more than 160 million mutual customers worldwide. They leverage data analytics to provide its partners with products, technology, tools and resources to make their partner’s profitable and unique to the marketplace.

The Microsoft Partner Network Group is responsible for keeping track of their partner’s data to see how their partners add value to the MPN Group.


The lack of visual reports restricted the MPN group’s employees from conveying the value of MPN to Microsoft’s partners. This prevented employees from implementing further improvements and documenting current successes.

Our Insights

That’s when the MPN Group reached out to 3AG to develop a partner dashboard and data mapping system.


While MPN requested for a purely technological solution, 3AG recognized that the solution also required an implementation of a new process. Without the correct processes in place, the delivered solution would be unable to upload specific documents. Therefore, the processes that 3AG introduced were:

  1. Set up a services solution to clarify the expectations in place for employees to submit information to the database to ensure consistency of the submission of documents.
  2. Implement a standard input solution that would create a standard process to submit documents to the database.


3AG helped MPN successfully implement an automatic dashboard and data mapping system that allowed reports to be generated on a monthly basis. The solution, along with the process improvements, allowed MPN to save on manpower and operating costs, and allowed employees to generate their year-end reports more efficiently.

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