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Sodexo Canada

Quality of Life is central to the performance and growth of individuals and organizations. Working from this perspective, Sodexo Canada has redefined how to best serve our clients’ complex needs. For over 40 years Sodexo Canada has been recognized as a strategic partner for clients, their employees and visitors. Sodexo is a market leader in Canada in terms of revenue and consumers served and has been recognized as a top employer for the past three consecutive years.

The Management Survey Project is intended as an efficient way to gather survey information to satisfy the 2014-2019 Service Plan, which include submitting information to the Business Initiatives and Support Services (BISS). The report is delivered via the monthly Contract Management Reporting (CMR) service, which uses the information gathered from surveys to improve service and increase patient and resident satisfaction.


The existing survey platform used by Sodexo Canada to define, collect, and analyze survey data allowed enter data to be entered at each of the 12 sites via tablet computers. The data is then manually copied by the site manager into separate Microsoft Excel-based workbook used to define and track follow-up activities. One ongoing for Sodexo Canada was that there were 12 Excel files created (one per site) and a project manager had to manually combine the data into a single workbook. Frequent e-mail communication between the project manager and the site managers were required to make sure the data was recent and correct. The monthly survey results report for BISS also required manual work to compile and generate. The lack of integration and error-prone process prompted Sodexo Canada to approach 3AG for a solution to enhance the survey data collection experience.

Our Insights

Two main causes of the ongoing issues were identified by 3AG:

  1. Process Integration: There existing solution lacked method for carrying forward data from one step of the process to the next. This made conducting, tracking, and reporting on surveys a labour-intensive exercise.
  2. Inefficient: Because the data required significant manual effort to combine and validate, the exercise to produce a monthly report was error-prone and time-consuming.


3AG developed and delivered a survey system through a tablet-friendly web portal that was integrated with the current Sodexo Platform. The portal allowed users enter data stored in a centralized location, , which eliminated the need for separate Excel workbooks. Survey results could be monitored and tracked directly on the platform, and managers can access all the data required to produce the monthly reports for BISS. As a value-add, 3AG also recommended and implemented offline functionality to allow survey data to be recorded in areas with poor or no internet connectivity.


The survey portal solution implemented by 3AG eliminated the need for each site to manually fill out an Excel workbook, removed the need for the project manager to manually compile and validate the results, and reduced the e-mail communication required between the site managers and project manager. The process for collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on survey data was streamlined with 3AG’s solution, which allowed Sodexo Canada to efficiently issue survey reports with confidence.

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